ion microPC for more portable computing

The Intel® Compute Card introduces a revolutionary shift in the way “PCs” are understood and used. This entry is the first post in a series of three on the ion Server Blog which will explore some of the possibilities of ion‘s microPC. Intel envisions the use of Compute Card mostly in all-in-one computers, kiosks, and smart appliances, but its flexibility broadens its appeal. In Continue reading ion microPC for more portable computing

G2 StorageServer Configurator

ION Computer Systems® has launched a new online storage Configurator for its G2 StorageServer product line.  The Configurator has been designed to make it simple to design a robust and complex storage platform, by specifying the desired usable capacity of the system, taking into account the user’s preferences for RAID level, sparing and SSD caching.  Additional options allow the user to specify processors, memory, Continue reading G2 StorageServer Configurator

Storage Sizing for Capacity and Performance

Or, How Many Eggs in One Basket? Huge storage systems are available today supporting large numbers of disks, allowing the creation of massive storage resources.  Storage Servers and storage enclosures suporting up to (60) 3.5″ disk drives are now common.  Filling those bays with 6TB disks yields a system with 360TB raw capacity – one third of a petabyte!  That is now an easy Continue reading Storage Sizing for Capacity and Performance