Latency of NVMe SSDs

NVMe SSDs, by eliminating the double translation of a block address to a head / cylinder / sector address and then back to a block address, delivers latency much lower than what can be achieved with any other storage interface. Low latency storage access can only be really achieved by locating those NVMe SSDs IN the server. Accessing storage through a network or fabric Continue reading Latency of NVMe SSDs

DAS vs. NAS vs. SAN

A quick web search of the terms DAS, NAS and SAN will yield many results, yet many near the top of the results list are almost a decade old and even the newer articles fail to account for recent developments in storage technology.  New technologies like NVMe have changed the landscape such that DAS is the indisputable leader in latency, NAS solutions can deliver Continue reading DAS vs. NAS vs. SAN