ion SR-71mach6 adds Enthusiast-series Optane™ drive options

ion has added a new option to its SR-71mach6 SpeedServer™ Configurator to allow the selection of Intel® Optane™ SSDs from the 905P Enthusiast series. Compared to Intel’s Optane DC P4800X series, this family continues to deliver an Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER) of 1 sector per 10^17 bits read but the endurance drops from an astounding 60 full drive writes per day to only 10 full drive writes per day, for five years.  Performance will also drop some in terms of IOPS, but latency remains around 10 microseconds.  Endurance and latency of these 905P SSDs is still stunning compared to the already outstanding Flash SSDs, but the cost of these NVMe 905P SSDs is dramatically lower than Intel’s Optane DC P4800X series making them worthy of consideration.  With protection via RAID or ZFS assumed, the new 905P option may make sense in a range of applications.

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