ion microPC for more personal computing

The Intel® Compute Card introduces a revolutionary shift in the way “PCs” are used and even thought of. This entry in the ion Server Blog is the last post in a series of three exploring the ion microPC. In this post we will discuss the concept of sharing a workspace, but not the actual computer.

ION microPC based on Intel Compute CardThe Compute Card is a tiny PC which includes processor, RAM, storage, WiFI and Bluetooth in a tiny package slightly longer than a credit card, 5mm thick and weighing 44.5g or less than 2 ounces. ion offers the range of Intel Compute Cards in its microPC family. Current choices include models based on Intel® Celeron® processor, Intel® Pentium® Processor, Intel® Core m3 processor and Intel® Core i5 processor. All models include 4GB RAM and storage is either 64GB or 128GB of solid state storage.

Consider a business where users from different shifts or functional groups might need to share a workspace, but still want to use their own computer. Maybe the different users sharing that space need different applications or different customizations. A home computer may be shared by several people in the home. There might be a desire to dedicate just one place for that as well as spending money on display and peripherals just once, but the users in the home might not want to share the actual computer that they use. A dock with shared monitor and peripherals and a ion microPC per user becomes an interesting solution to these situations.ION microPC and Dock

Of course, an extra ion microPC for more secure computing can easily be combined with this strategy. And, of course, one or more of ion microPCs used as described for more personal computing could also be brought home or brought to work for more portable computing.

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