High Performance and Huge Capacity with ION C2 StorageServer

ION Computer Systems has introduced the new C2 StorageServer which features a wide range of performance and capacity options, including shelves of capacity disks with optional SSD caching, shelves of performance disks with optional SSD caching, and all-SSD shelves.  The C2 StorageServer node also supports NVM Express SSDs for the highest performance storage available and Intel Server NICs at 1GB, 10GB and 40Gb.

The C2 StorageServer features a pair of 3.5GHz Intel Xeon E5-2637 V3 processors and 64GB of 2167MHz DDR4 ECC RAM, ensuring the highest performance possible in a storage system in 2015.  RAID storage is achieved with Intel SAS3 12Gb RAID controllers in the server, connecting to SAS3 JBOD storage shelves.

Capacity, balanced with reliability and maintainability, is the foundation of the C2 StorageServer design.  With up to twenty shelves with (12) 6TB Seagate Enterprise Capacity disks each, the maximum, raw, pre-RAID capacity is 1,440 TB. If Seagate Enterprise performance disks are selected, twenty shelves with (24) 1,800GB 10,000 RPM disks are possible for up to 864 TB raw capacity.

Very high performance storage is also a possibility with ION’s C2 StorageServer. Each disk shelf scan be configured with an 800GB Intel DataCenter Solid State Drive for read caching performed by the RAID controller using Intel’s CacheCade technology.  Alternatively, a shelf may include a mirrored pair of 800GB Intel SSDs for read/write caching by the RAID controller.  While controller level SSD caching can offer significant performance boosts, the C2 StorageServer can reach much higher levels with all-SSD shelves loaded with Intel DataCenter SSDs using Standard, Medium or High Endurance Technologies.

For the ultimate level of performance, the C2 StorageServer also supports up to (4) NVM Express SSDs which can add up to 8TB of storage capable of well over 1 million additional IOPS.  These NVMe SSDs can be offered directly as a tier of very fast storage, or they can be used by the StorageServer operating system as an additional layer of caching.

The entire C2 StorageServer is built on Intel server building blocks, including the serverboard, the server chassis, the JBOD chasses, the RAID controllers, the network interfaces and the Solid State Drives.  Through over 20 years of server and storage experience, ION has learned that Intel server building blocks offer unequaled quality and reliability.  To that mix, ION adds Seagate Enterprise disks which also carry an excellent reputation for reliability.  Learn more about ION’s StorageServer design principles.

Configure your own C2 StorageServer at http://storage.ioncomputer.com/ . The C2 StorageServer Configurator displays pricing immediately as you explore storage options and when you have a design that you want to consider, just click on “Create a Quotation” to email yourself a detailed quotation.

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