G2 StorageServer Configurator

ION Computer Systems® has launched a new online storage Configurator for its G2 StorageServer product line.  The Configurator has been designed to make it simple to design a robust and complex storage platform, by specifying the desired usable capacity of the system, taking into account the user’s preferences for RAID level, sparing and SSD caching.  Additional options allow the user to specify processors, memory, and network interfaces.  The G2 StorageServer may be configured as a SAN and NAS storage appliance by selecting Open-E DSS, or as a server with huge direct attached storage with a choice of Windows® or Linux® operating systems.

G2 StorageServer Overview
The foundation of the G2 StorageServer is ION’s G2 2U rackmount server.  The server is powered by Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 V2 processors and supports up to 384GB of error-correcting memory.  The server has (12) 3.5″ disk bays supporting up to 6TB disks.  Huge storage capacities are enabled by pairing the Intel server platform with matching Intel 2U storage enclosures.  Each 2U storage module is configured as a separate RAID array, including an optional hot spare disk, and an optional SSD for read caching or a mirrored pair of SSDs for read/write caching.  Remaining slots in the G2 server support a variety of network interfaces.

Design Philosophy
Much of the guidance for this new approach comes from the thought process expressed in the earlier blog post, Storage Sizing for Capacity and Performance.  The modular approach of the G2 StorageServer delivers a storage platform with great improvements in the key areas of server quality: reliability, availability, serviceability, usability and manageability (RASUM).  Reliability is enhanced by limiting each RAID array to (12) or fewer disks within a single module, each with a redundant power supply.  Availability has been improved through size limits on individual arrays and reducing the mean tim to repair (MTTR). Greater Serviceability is achieved with all drives being accessible, individually, on the front of the system, and all power supply modules easily accessed on the rear of the system.  Internal service is simplified through the clean, simple, uncluttered design of both the server and the storage modules.  Usability has been enhanced by the very modular approach to the design, making it simple to scale and grow the G2 StorageServer.  Local or remote Manageability through LSI’s MegaRAID Storage Manager makes it very easy to manage each of the component RAID arrays, each of which is contained within a single 2U storage module.

Complete and Flexible Storage Platform
The easy-to-use G2 StorageServer Configurator offers capacities ranging from 4TB to over 1386TB, enabling a scale of more than 300x in this platform.  All major RAID levels are supported in hardware or RAID-Z on the G2 platform.  Each storage module, each RAID array, can be enhanced through the selection of a hot spare disk, an SSD for read caching or mirrored SSDs for read/write caching.  For Storion storage appliances based on Open-E DSS V7 or Open-E JovianDSS, the default processor and memory selections are appropriate, but for use as a very large server, users can select two processors with six to 12 cores each.  RAM can be increased from the default value of 32GB to a maximum of 384GB.  Network interface options include up to (8) 1Gb Ethernet ports, up to (4) 10Gb Ethernet ports, or up to (4) 8Gb Fibre Channel ports.  Finally, the user may select the G2 StorageServer to be fully configured in a 42U rack.  And a complete on-site spare parts kit can be selected.

Complete design of the G2 StorageServer is accomplished on the short, simple Configurator at storage.ioncomputer.com .  After all selections are made, users may generate a complete quotation including pricing which they can email to themselves without delay. Through the use of standard high-volume server building blocks, the G2 StorageServer delivers storage with better RASUM characteristics at a lower price than conventional monolithic storage systems.

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